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Jeta Care is Malaysia’s first Aged Care Centre designed and operated based on Australian Concepts and Confucianist values. This combination of best in Western practices and systems, fused with traditional Chinese values of filial piety, create an environment with professional care services as well as one that provides love and compassion to all aged residents.

Why Jeta Care

At Jeta Care, we understand that shifting from your family home is a very difficult decision. The traditions and customs associated with Asian cultures often make such assisted living options very hard to accept. It is an option taken that traditionally involves guilt or one that loses ‘face’ for both parents and children alike.

Let us ease and shoulder the burden, let us be your extended family. What we offer is a new environment, one which can offer a better quality of life, 24 hour care and a community of like minded individuals for you to share your twilight years; all in a wonderful environment. We want to open your life style and provide complete peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones, so that you may truly enjoy and reap the benefits of all your hard work.

Oh yeah! Why didn’t I do this earlier?

    Improve your lifestyle and quality of life

    Ease that unnecessary burden for you and your loved ones

    Total peace of mind for you and your loved ones

    On site 24 hour care by nurses and carers

    Exciting food that is fresh and nutritionally prepared and catered for your needs

    Activities and entertainment arranged for you

    A community to make friends

    Great lodgings

    No stress, Jeta Care does the cleaning and laundry amongst other chores

Enhance your life now!

We have many different care packages available to cater to many types of needs. All of which abide to our high standards and with the very best service. Understanding your culture, background and talking through your needs, we can tailor a service best suited to you and your loved ones. Let us take care of you.

Ministry of Health Malaysia approved

Jeta Care Centre is an endorsed Aged Care Facility by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Jeta Care incorporates a self imposed standard in design and operation adapted from Australian concepts to ensure the highest quality in care to the residents.

Our modern 3 level building has approximately 2150 m2 of floor area and will provide about 80 beds in hotel-like rooms. To ensure our residents are well looked after, our 24 hours 7 days a week nurse call system runs throughout the entire building and can be easily accessed via nurse call buttons. Designed by Australian and local consultants, Jeta Care houses a roof top garden, café/restaurant, hair salon, laundry, kitchen and a multipurpose hall for recreational activities. To allow convenience, comfort and dignity for residents, Jeta Care is a wheelchair friendly environment and has a lift which will service all levels.

What We Have:

    About 80 bed places catering for Low, High & respite care

    Common dining and living areas

    Rooftop garden for relaxation and exercise

    Multipurpose hall with library, TV& Movie lounge, karaoke etc

    Café/restaurant , hair salon & postal service

    Room for spiritual gathering

    Onsite laundry and kitchen

    Wi-Fi hotspots


Our facility caters for the varying needs of the aging community offering:

    Low Care

    High Care

    Respite Care

    Palliative Care - focusing on resident’s daily living needs, comfort, monitoring of medical conditions, medication, pain management, emotional / religious needs, etc.

    Dementia/Alzheimer Care - focusing on resident’s daily living needs, medication, monitoring of medical conditions, diversional therapy / activities, emotional / religious needs, etc.

Ageing in place

Jeta Care offers both low-level care and high-level care services and facilities for residents; eliminating the hassle and problems related with shifting. Thus, a person can “age in place” even if their care needs or requirements increase.

An ageing in place system is particularly beneficial for couples planning to move from a family home as it will enable them to remain together even if their care needs considerably change over time. It also means that existing relationships with staff and other residents can be preserved and continued. Jeta Care’s staff are qualified and trained to support residents needing varying levels of care, including nursing, if needed. Jeta Care is designed to cater for people with a variety of care needs.

Low-Level Care

Low-level care is for people who need some help, but do not have very complex ongoing care needs. It includes services such as meals, laundry, room cleaning as well as additional help with personal care, nursing care provided if required (low requirement in nursing care).

High-Level Care

High-Level Care is for people who need almost complete assistance with most daily living activities. It includes accommodation services such as meals, laundry and room cleaning, as well as personal care. Medical needs are managed by nursing staff (high requirement in nursing care by Registered nurse).

Our qualified nurses, helpful and multilingual staff will be available to ensure that the comfort and lifestyles of residents are enriched by meeting their individual needs.

    24 hour Care services Trained Registered Staff Nurses

    Well qualified Director of Nursing

    Registered and enrolled nurses

    Trained Carers

    Regular and on-call medical doctors

    Availability of podiatry, physiotherapy, diversional therapy and other allied health services on needs basis

    Pharmaceutical and personal needs catered for

Additionally, each resident and their families will have access to information, education and advice regarding the aging process to assist in their planning and decisions

Our on-site kitchen is specially designed to cater for Asian, Western and Vegetarian cuisines. Our experienced cook creates a wide variety of mouth-watering, nutritious and freshly prepared meals that is sure to satisfy most food critics.

    Choice of customised meals

    Vitamin and supplement additives

    Texture modification (softened, puree etc)

    Meals catering to diabetics, gluten intolerant and other special needs

For the convenience of visitors and residents, our café/restaurant will serve coffee, drinks and other light meals.

Inline with Jeta Care’s core values, compassion and joyfulness, the Jeta family embraces diversity from all walks of life. We firmly believe that creating a diverse environment of staff and residents brings about an interesting and exciting new facet to Jeta Care’s culture. We hope to create a harmonious environment regardless of background or culture and where all our staff feel happy caring for our residents.

Majority of our friendly staff will be able to speak English as well as a range of Chinese dialects and Bahasa Malaysia. They are trained with the knowledge and skills to look after the cultural, religious and linguistic needs of our residents.

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