Retirement Hotspots in Australia - TV show features Seniors Housing Online

Credit: Seniors Housing Online
Retirement Hotspots in Australia - TV show features Seniors Housing Online
Written by: Ron Reed

Australian national TV show "A Current Affair" has once again featured Seniors Housing Online in a fourth program on retirement properties and downsizing. In each program they interviewed Amanda Graham from Seniors Housing Online on retirement and downsizing trends and featured a number of retirement properties from the website.

The programs explore the growing trend to downsize in or close to a major city as many people use part time work to transition into retirement after the GFC, retaining the benefits and convenience of city living and proximity to family, friends and services.

Many people choose to downsize into a retirement property but continue working, and the program interviews people about their lifestyle choices and experiences.

It also features a range of retirement properties which are becoming more popular with younger retirees and baby-boomer downsizers.

View the program:



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Seniors Housing Online has regularly been featured on the national television program "A Current Affair" along with retirement properties selected from the website, representing different styles and price points